Freemason colorado springs

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A charter was granted by the Grand Lodge of Colorado on September 18, The request was granted and Adams Lodge U.

Freemason colorado springs

Our cars often have Masonic license plates and bumper stickers identifying ourselves as Freemasons. No simple, one-line definition satisfactorily describes Freemasonry.

Freemason colorado springs

Freemason colorado springs

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  1. Many are the brothers both in Colorado and scattered to the far-away places throughout the world who can proudly say that they received their degrees either as a member of No. We wear rings, jackets, and hats emblazoned with the square and compass on them.

    The Lodge Hall was moved several times in subsequent years.


    In Colorado City Lodge was forced to remain closed for approximately three months. The Grand Master of Masons of Colorado performed the impressive ceremony.

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