Freemans reach

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Mirva was absolutely spot on with all her communication, and very helpful throughout. Very friendly and helpful. I would come again in a heart beat and wish them all the best!!

Freemans reach

The only downside is that RAAF air base is a few kilometers away, meaning on some days there are military planes landing and taking off which can be noisy. The barn is separate from the main house so you have full privacy, although we do have kids so if they are home I cannot guarantee complete silence anywhere within meter radius of our property! We slept soundly and all was as described, although the wifi was patchy at times.

Freemans reach

Freemans reach

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  1. Having the desktop computer and flatscreen TV really helped us stay connected and relax at the end of many busy days. The town has a beautiful mall that lights up with old gas lights at night.

    The historic charm of Windsor, the Sunday market on main street and the beautiful walking paths along the Hawksbury River were an added bonus! We would happily stay there again.

    Thank you Mirva for creating such a thoughtful rejuvenating space; the sauna took me right back to the year I spent in Finland in my late teens.

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