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According to Human Rights Watch, Saudi Arabia "systematically discriminates against its Muslim religious minorities, in particular Shia and Ismailis", [78] but the Government permits Shi'a Muslims to use their own legal tradition to adjudicate noncriminal cases within their community. On December 15, , Saudi security forces arrested 35 Ethiopian Christians in Jeddah who were praying in a home, beating them and threatening them with death. Saudi activist, Manal Al Sharif, drives her car in Dubai in October in defiance of the authorities to campaign for women's rights to drive in Saudi Arabia.

Free saudi arabian sex pics

Saudi religious police have detained Shi'ite pilgrims participating in the Hajj , allegedly calling them " infidels in Mecca". The torture of these prisoners was also found to be prevalent. In authorities ordered shops that employ both men and women to build "separation walls" to enforce rules preventing the sexes from mixing together.

Free saudi arabian sex pics

Free saudi arabian sex pics

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  1. In a Saudi man was fined and given jail time for his sexually suggestive YouTube video production. Residents also reported soldiers shooting at homes, cars and everyone in streets.

    According to a Human Rights Watch report, Shia citizens in Saudi Arabia "face systematic discrimination in religion, education, justice, and employment".

    In it send four.

    He remains free on bail, however.

    The Saudi embassy in Washington is a living example of religious apartheid.

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