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However, at a minimum, these reports have continually linked the name of Frankston with reprehensible conduct, including bullying, violence and the misuse of public funds - conduct that repels the overwhelming majority of Frankston people. This article was written in conjunction with four other former mayors of Frankston:

Frankston bogan

They're coming to Frankston to secure our affordable housing and family-friendly infrastructure. The image of Frankston has also been affected by its association with state parliamentarian Geoff Shaw. Yet Frankston has been blamed for well-publicised incidents of deplorable behaviour on the Frankston line even though these events took place tens of miles from Frankston.

Frankston bogan

Frankston bogan

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  1. And who would have known that microbiologist Ruth Bishop - who two months ago was awarded the prestigious Florey Medal for work that has already saved the lives of tens of thousands of children worldwide - was educated at Frankston High School where her father was the principal.


    It needs no whipping boy. We make no comment about this - the people of Frankston will no doubt express their views at the ballot box later this year.

    This can be solved by better planning - more colour, more businesses, more offices would mean more foot traffic, making the area feel more vibrant, and giving people more confidence to come into the area. They're coming to Frankston to secure our affordable housing and family-friendly infrastructure.

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