Fleurieu peninsula south australia

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Fleurieu peninsula south australia

Drop into one of the many farmers markets to sample a superb range of fresh fruit and vegetables, artisan cheeses, venison, smoked meats, seafood, sourdough breads and other sensational regional produce. There are a number of small towns located along the many waterways in the region, such as Cape Jervis where you catch the ferry over to Kangaroo Island , Normanville on the west coast , historic Port Elliot southern coastline and Milang Lake Alexandrina.

Fleurieu peninsula south australia

Fleurieu peninsula south australia

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  1. Age structure The Fleurieu Peninsula has an older age structure when compared to Regional South Australia see graph below. For a perfect coastal escape, visit Victor Harbor.

    Fossils of extinct megafauna have also been found.

    These employed, among others, approximately 12 Ngarrindjeri people full time with some working in a peripheral capacity, boiling down blubber, collecting bones and fetching water.

    Working population data from the Census indicates that 10, persons are employed in the three municipalities.

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