Fishing in second life

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There are more than just one traffic generating systems, different ones use different anti-bot schemes, require different amount of time and pay different amount of money. Proving we are humans.

Fishing in second life

Why not become your own boss and earn that living as a fisherman or fisherwoman? In fact, you are here for this.

Fishing in second life

Fishing in second life

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  1. Camping for money This one is extremely easy.

    If you manage to find a money camping spot not yet occupied by another resident, you can take it. So, gambling is against the ToS, right?

    We allow avatars to fish for free with beginner equipment, but the rest as they say is up to you!

    So, what you have to do, is to dress up as close to the theme as possible and head to the event in one of thousands Second Life clubs. So, gambling is against the ToS, right?

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