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I am not the only person to think this is the case. The "block" button is is great but seductive: In an interesting twist, Grindr is still grounded in physical location, since it takes advantage of GPS.

Fems definition

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Fems definition

Fems definition

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  1. It takes the form of asking, in the profile that is broadcast, that certain types of people should not contact the profile owner if they are:

    What speech is allowable as expression of sexual preference in this new queer space? Most troubling is the ease with which some profiles will confess extreme prejudice or use racist epithets, somehow made allowable as a language of sexual attraction or personal preference.

    That these activities have become dependent on smartphones underlines a new-ish emphasis on the class difference -- smartphones and data plans do not come cheap. Grindr, for better or worse, is now the type of site where gay identification can take place, allowing different generations, classes, races, and orientations to project their bodies onto the Grindr grid and have a look.


    In an interesting twist, Grindr is still grounded in physical location, since it takes advantage of GPS. Some of the things people are "into" on Grindr are crude, demeaning, or ignorant.

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