Fema camps in ny

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A camp in Alaska is said to have a capacity of two million, despite Alaska's total population of less than , Whether true or not, the existence of Diego Garcia would not constitute good evidence that concentration camps exist inside the United States; there are significant differences.

Fema camps in ny

They would sure as hell need prison camps to hold ten million rioting citizens. But when I finally dug in to research it, I started by searching for the origins of the rumors, and found to my surprise that nearly all of the legal foundation and precedent for such a plan does in fact exist. You can tour the grounds and they have a great museum, with very frank exhibits that make no excuses for what happened.

Fema camps in ny

Fema camps in ny

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  1. If a large force of Oklahoma City style militiamen started blowing up a city, I'd want the Army to have pretty extensive powers to put a stop to it.

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