Feel so lonely in my marriage

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Do you feel unloved and uncared by your spouse? You want more and more money.

Feel so lonely in my marriage

Are you one such couple? Money controls your married life. Love forever until death do us part You are here:

Feel so lonely in my marriage

Feel so lonely in my marriage

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  1. There is no love in his words. The less time a couple spends together, the more likely they are to feel distant from each other.

    When your relationship turns routine and mundane you are fed up with your married life. But then you worry about smothering them or burdening them with too much of your emotional need.

    Just Not Feeling It may also be helpful in explaining how you feel.

    Your kids try to cheer you up when you seem sad, and that makes you feel sadder, because you want your kids to have a happy parent. Do you know you can feel lonely and alone in your marriage even when you are with your spouse?

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