Fear of being trapped in a relationship

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What exactly do these words mean to you? About Mark Tyrrell Psychology is my passion. In fact, a healthy relationship should help you meet your needs for freedom and independence as part of the relationship itself.

Fear of being trapped in a relationship

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Fear of being trapped in a relationship

Fear of being trapped in a relationship

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  1. Shakazilkree

    Or they may have witnessed the rocky relationships of parents and have the 'blueprint' that 'no relationship ever works out'. It may be that, deep down, the person fears being rejected themselves or feels that the consequences of a future relationship breakdown will be all the worse the more time they invest in that relationship.

    Really get to grips with exactly what it is that frightens you, because 'commitment' is just a word. Fear of commitment might range from a little uncertainty about your relationship to an absolute terror of 'settling down'.

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