Fantasy addiction

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Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. Love and relationship addiction occurs when a person becomes dependent on the object of their love. The movies and music of my childhood and teenage culture and era reinforced and added to my fantasy.

Fantasy addiction

In fact, his pornographic life appears to be lonely and self isolating. Overcoming love addiction includes stopping obsessive tendencies and the addiction to fantasy as a way to avoid pain and past hurts. Many love addicts seek out emotionally unavailable partners to re-enact unresolved trauma in a misguided attempt at healing the past.

Fantasy addiction

Fantasy addiction

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  1. If they could rescue, help, take care of another, they could raise their own self-worth. Loneliness and isolation are a result of obsessive thoughts that by nature are impossible to bring to full awareness.

    The mind of the addict is thinking that it needs to escape into fantasy in order to remain safe.

    By 13, I spent much of my time in fantasy. How do I know if I am a love addict?

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