Fan expo speed dating 2014

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Once the room was full, Calgary Expo volunteers cut off the line, which was all men at this point. The next iteration of the biggest first person shooter video game, Call of Duty: While she has noticed that the gap between the numbers of men and women that attend these events is decreasing year after year, the gap is still there.

Fan expo speed dating 2014

We provide the options, but it's up to the fans to weigh them! A "must experience area" for anyone interested in meeting rising stars who work the front lines of the industry, from comics and graphic novels to limited-edition prints and, best of all, original art and sketches.

Fan expo speed dating 2014

Fan expo speed dating 2014

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    Companies from all corners of the industry will showcase their upcoming projects and promos in the exhibitor area.

    Whether it's comic books from any era, original artwork, graphic novels, memorabilia, DVDs, videos, games, toys or T-shirts, fans can find it all here.


    Men and women are paired up for short intervals, move to new partners during the course of an hour or so.

    Very much ahead of its time, the series is celebrated with a panel on Saturday and a 25th anniversary reunion Friday, 5: Enjoy the ultimate "Rocky Horror" experience, including screenings of the film with an introduction by one of the stars, panels, photo-ops, autograph sessions and much more.

    If you plan on taking a lot of photos you should make sure your camera batteries are charged and you have plenty of space on your memory card or your phone, if you go that route. A great experience for "Doctor Who" fans and escape room enthusiasts alike.

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