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Makybe Diva life-sized statue on the foreshore. You can certainly see why oysters grow well here. Wash it all down at Beer Garden Brewing:

Eyre penisula

It follows the coast of Fitzgerald Bay for 12 km. Sadly the oyster collectors back then knew nothing about conservation and wiped them all out.

Eyre penisula

Eyre penisula

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  1. In fact, we ate a couple dozen during our time in the region. Check out the historic Flinders Monument, built in memory of Matthew Flinders who surveyed the Eyre Peninsula coastline in

    The town was not named after wooden boxes built for the afterlife, but a friend of explorer, Matthew Flinders.

    Oyster farming was established in the s and occurs in several sheltered bays including Franklin Harbour near Cowell in Spencer Gulf and Smoky Bay off the west coast. The best experience we had in Whyalla was sunset from the marina.

    We cooked ours up in our Britz motorhome and enjoyed a meal sitting outside with views of the beautiful harbour. The water is cold — it is sea lion territory after all, but the crew provides you with thick wetsuits, which make it bearable.

    The captain took the girls for a little ride in the tender to watch the sea lions on the beach. From the caravan park, you can walk one direction on it into Port Lincoln Town and the other way to Port Lincoln Marina.

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