Extreme ownership navy seals

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This year, I gave him Extreme Ownership. This, as you can imagine entails being able to work as a team and with other teams with flawless communication and trust. It is thus the leader's responsibility to plan for a maximum numbers of scenarios and alternative plans so as to adapt to a situation that can change at any moment.

Extreme ownership navy seals

The second subsection explains that leadership principle. They are authorised and able to make their own decisions.

Extreme ownership navy seals

Extreme ownership navy seals

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  1. The second subsection explains that leadership principle. You have certainly noticed how a good leader can help a team evolve towards success whereas a bad one can make it lose.

    It is sometimes possible in everyday life to tell oneself that faced with a lack of information, concrete facts or simply uncertainty, we will wait to see how things pan out. One must always look to the leader's abilities.

    Infiltrated men will thus have to make their own decisions. These highly trained men are aware of their responsibilities and have a clear idea of what is expected of them.

    It was thus of course difficult to stand in front of their team and present the plan. Indeed, how can one expect an employee on the field to feel motivated and committed if he has no leeway and only gets orders from above.

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