Extinct animals 20th century

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Passenger Pigeons Photo credit: The species was driven extinct in the 19th century as a consequence of centuries of intense human exploitation.

Extinct animals 20th century

Caribbean Monk Seal Photo credit: Pyrenean Ibex The Pyrenean ibex Capra pyrenaica pyrenaica was a subspecies of the Iberian wild goat that went extinct in

Extinct animals 20th century

Extinct animals 20th century

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  1. The subspecies last existed in Cameroon, but an extensive survey in did not find any signs of living West African black rhinos.


    However, over a decade later another example of Mexican grizzly bear was found and shot in Sonora which is why people hope that it might still be out there. Every year, tens of millions of the bird were killed.

    Nature 0 As harsh as it might be, extinction is part of nature. The species was driven extinct in the 19th century as a consequence of centuries of intense human exploitation.

    The razorbill, found in the North Atlantic, including Iceland British shores were once home to the great auk Credit: Wikimedia Commons Once the only parrot species native to the eastern United States, Carolina parakeets had the heartfelt but dangerous habit of remaining beside injured or dead flock members, making them easy targets for hunters.

    There were 65, in the wild in

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