Error validating location cvs

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I posted the details on the email list: You can instruct cvsd to run as root by setting 'Uid root' and 'Gid root' to cvsd. Not really anything to do with cvsd but here goes:

Error validating location cvs

The file system on which the chroot jail was created needs to suppoed these device entries. You may need to run cvs pserver as root when you need user mappings to other users than cvsd for example if you need to have access to the repository under different system users.

Error validating location cvs

Error validating location cvs

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  1. Zololrajas

    Try to add a repository with a usr name and password and select "extssh" as the "Connection type: The unchanged server version will be tagged for those.

    They contain conflicting changes that will have to be merged manually.

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