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Even Peter is too wasted to make up a cutaway gag. To the Tune of Brian says that with pot legalized, crime is down, productivity is up which, according to DVD commentary, they couldn't say as the censors did not want marijuana to be glamorized , and ratings for Doctor Who are through the roof.

Episode 420

Towards the end of the musical number, Shaggy from the television show Scooby-Doo can be seen among the crowd, referencing a number of jokes about his stoned-like demeanor. However, Lois's father is losing money in the timber industry now that marijuana is being used to manufacture everything, and he bribes Peter into helping him produce videos as part of an anti-marijuana campaign. Reception[ edit ] "Episode " was viewed by 7.

Episode 420

Episode 420

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  1. The town would most likely be able to decriminalize it. Create New Quagmire's personality changes when he adopts a pet cat, which irks Peter.

    Not even one copy was sold, due to the extensive panning from critics. Brian resists, but Stewie, knowing how bad the novel will turn out, suggests he at least sing a song about the evils of pot.

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