Employment demographics by sex race

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Employment demographics by sex race

This page last updated 11 July This pattern applied across all hours of paid work, even for those working more than 49 hours per week.

Employment demographics by sex race

Employment demographics by sex race

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  1. Among college-educated workers who majored in a STEM field during their undergraduate education, those who majored in health professions are significantly more likely to work in a STEM occupation, so their inclusion increases figures on the retention of STEM-trained workers.


    The employment levels in Australia varied widely by country of birth, reflecting immigration policies and waves of migration.

    Some of these trends reflect the change in the census that allows individuals to choose more than one racial category, yet they are also due to the increase in immigration and the higher fertility rate among Asian Americans and Hispanics, and the increased interest of individuals to embrace, and therefore report, their ethnic heritage Pew Research Center, a , b.


    Figures for the 'not stated' categories are available in the Employment data cube, which is in the Downloads tab at the top of the page.

    We could not find any studies that investigated labor market segregation at detailed occupational levels e. This pattern generally holds within occupational clusters as well.

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