Emotionally unavailable parent

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For many adults who were raised under an emotionally void parent there is a deep feeling of loss and grief. Not surprisingly, emotionally absent mothers were drawn to Watson's philosophy. Perfectionism For those carrying the weight of an emotionally unavailable parent into adulthood, perfectionism is extremely likely.

Emotionally unavailable parent

Nothing is more important than that. You may have blamed yourself for the parent not sticking around. The child, once an adult, begins to resent the parent for withholding significant information from them.

Emotionally unavailable parent

Emotionally unavailable parent

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  1. I realized that I didn't always need other people to understand my history and validate my emotions; I could find peace just by putting the words on the page and that discovery was truly transformative.

    Erik Erikson, the respected developmental psychologist and psychoanalyst of the 20th century, wrote extensively about the importance of a child's first year. Family therapy gives her the support she needs and shows her how powerful the group dynamic is.

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