Emotional intelligence travis bradberry

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The book's smooth narrative style turns rigorous research into memorable stories and practical strategies that anyone can use to his or her advantage. In this increasingly complex web, emotional intelligence is more important than ever before. Bradberry and Greaves brilliant new book is a godsend.

Emotional intelligence travis bradberry

Bradberry and Greaves brilliant new book is a godsend. Travis Bradberry talentsmarteq is the award-winning co-author of Emotional Intelligence 2. I strongly recommend it.

Emotional intelligence travis bradberry

Emotional intelligence travis bradberry

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  1. Travis Bradberry talentsmarteq is the award-winning co-author of Emotional Intelligence 2. We found it very helpful in our dealings with each other and our internal customers.

    Unlike IQ, which tends to stay the same throughout life, emotional intelligence is a flexible set of skills that can be acquired and improved with practice.

    Emotional intelligence is made up of four core skills that pair up under two primary competencies:

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