Emotional attunement definition

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I try and connect with the deeper song — the song of contact, meeting, connectedness, longing. It is not uncommon to feel a little distant and not well tuned in at one moment and then suddenly the distance can dissolve as we open to the client or perhaps following the discovery of some shared experience. The weight that I also know and have known — that we all know — of joy and sorrow and hope and despair…It feels like being grounded in a repose of lightness that is yet full and deep and open and present with myself and the Other in a spirit of acceptance and compassion.

Emotional attunement definition

Most of us function fairly well on a superficial level, but we struggle when it comes to intimate relationships and difficult people. When you surround yourself with people who practice emotional attunement you can speed up your own progress. Plus, their parents had less of a clue than ours did and so on down the line.

Emotional attunement definition

Emotional attunement definition

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  1. The problems that surface are usually just life and "getting over it" is way easier than "learning to live with it. If the situation makes you feel blamed, you may fall back to a defensive mode, which makes it impossible to see what the other person is feeling.


    What about the mother whose child is continuously in trouble and they can't figure out what to do about it?


    They love each other deeply but were somehow unable to maintain closeness without one or the other pulling away.

    This is a huge aha moment for many men especially.

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