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Retrieved 19 September Emerald and District museum set in the beautiful Nobelius Heritage Park is well worth a visit. Emerald Cricket Club celebrated its year anniversary in

Emerald vic

It attends several hundred storm and wind damage incidents every year and also attends 20—30 road accidents a year for rescue purposes using such tools as the jaws of life. Local media[ edit ] Emerald receives standard Melbourne Television and radio broadcasts. Shire of Pakenham —Emerald was previously within this former local government area.

Emerald vic

Emerald vic

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  1. Television dramas set in Emerald[ edit ] Solo One was a TV series screened in set in Emerald, about a local fictional policeman dealing with crime in Emerald. FunFest has a great community feel with stalls, music, dance and plenty of free entertainment for all ages.

    Also, Nobelius Siding is located between Emerald and Nobelius stations which is only stopped at for functions, or the regular "Dinner Train" at the former Nobelius Nurseries Packing Shed adjacent to the siding.

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