Elucidating human phosphatase substrate networks

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Phosphatases are crucially involved in cellular processes by dephosphorylating cellular components. The human dephosphorylation elucidating human phosphatase-substrate networks sci chemical activators of protein phosphatase-1 induce calcium release. Analysis of three-dimensional substrate recognition by protein phosphatases revealed preferred domains in the substrates.

Elucidating human phosphatase substrate networks

The database includes links to kinases and chemical modulators of phosphatase activity and contains a sequence similarity search function for identifying related proteins in other species. Introduction chlamydia spp are obligate intracellular bacterial pathogens that are widely distributed in nature and are responsible for significant diseases in humans and a variety of animals 1, 2.

Elucidating human phosphatase substrate networks

Elucidating human phosphatase substrate networks

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  1. In this network, we only kept The numbers of protein members within each historical class are in parentheses. We identified phosphatases with highly specific substrates and those with less specificity by examining the relationship between phosphatases, kinases, and their shared substrates and showed how this analysis can be used to generate testable hypotheses about phosphatase biological function.


    Structural analyses show that a viral protein and immunosuppressant drugs inhibit the phosphatase calcineurin by preventing substrate binding, and provide a model of a phosphatase engaged with its substrate. Elucidating human phosphatase-substrate networks.

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