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Chapter 40 has been revised and reorganized to highlight functional relationships at all levels of organization in animal bodies; thermoregulation serves as an extended example throughout the chapter. Prints - These can be ordered straight from your online gallery, at a time of your own convenience. Coverage of evo-devo has been expanded.

Eh photo

The explosion of discoveries about genomes and their evolution led us to develop a chapter devoted to this subject, the new Chapter A new concept section in Chapter 54, for example, discusses how community ecology helps us understand pathogen life cycles and control disease. We have streamlined material on the genetic basis of development formerly in Chapter 21 , and included it in Chapter 18, where it provides the ultimate example of gene regulation.

Eh photo

Eh photo

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  1. Chapter 20 continues to cover biotechnology, but genome sequencing and analysis have been moved to Chapter

    New text and figures explore how the rise and fall of dominant groups of organisms are linked to large-scale processes such as continental drift, mass extinctions, and adaptive radiations.

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