Ears pierced men

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A very classic look: Just go for it.

Ears pierced men

It might have religious significance. And yet, there's still something about a man with a little sparkle in his ear that ruffles feathers in broader swaths of American society. That looks really great, Stephan.

Ears pierced men

Ears pierced men

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  1. Why all the hand-wringing about the ear-ringing? Unless you're the one sitting in the chair at Piercing Pagoda, it's none of your business.

    You wear up to five earrings on the left side and three on the right.

    That said, it is a hole in your body, and they can theoretically develop bacterial or fungal growths that aren't good for you at any point. Even as demand for high-end pearl and diamond earrings for men is on the rise , the anxiety and confusion about what an earring means doesn't seem to be diminishing.

    Although earrings are not nearly as common for men as they are for women, their popularity among men is increasing.

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