Dunrobin 1924

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I've both posted in the comments of the Paranormal Guide's article and sent them a message through Facebook to ask if they do indeed have a source for the important details of their story. And even "back in the days of old" -- which would be around -- it would be very unusual to park a dead person in a crowd of unrelated people and ask everyone to smile. As you may well imagine, this would have been quite a damper on the general school spirit

Dunrobin 1924

They also state that there is a wooden plank behind the girl, tied to her head by the scarf Other examples show use of this proving the theory that some parents want a final memory of their child after they die. All articles in the Anomalies database and it's sub-databases Mysteries, Curiosities, and Legends are written by Garth Haslam , and should not be copied in any format without his express permission.

Dunrobin 1924

Dunrobin 1924

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  1. The girl in question, Miss Howlett, is this young lady with the scarf on her head As stated, the purpose for the pictures being displayed was to identify the people in the photos


    Upwards of ten to twenty minutes for a portrait, which is hard to sit for.

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