Duckworth angela grit

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Duckworth is best known for her research on grit, a strength she defines as passion and perseverance for especially long-term goals. A review of this book in The New York Times called Duckworth "the psychologist who has made 'grit' the reigning buzzword in education-policy circles.

Duckworth angela grit

There's no room for my waitress in Duckworth's universe. Grit is related to the long-established personality trait of conscientiousness , but predicts certain outcomes above and beyond what conscientiousness can.

Duckworth angela grit

Duckworth angela grit

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    But the book is written in such a way that grit without success is presented only as a theoretical possibility, to be noted and then ignored. The explicitly-denied-but-much-more-strongly-implied apologia for an imagined meritocracy is further underlined by her fawning portrayal of James Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan Chase.

    When it comes to consequential life outcomes, grit has been shown to be at least as important as IQ or socio-economic status. She then graduated from the University of Oxford in with an M.

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