Duckworth and grit

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But in the real world, there are a lot more copies of my waitress than of Duckworth's. Or any of the multitude of shitty things that happen in life that are totally beyond any individual's control.

Duckworth and grit

At one point, Duckworth tells the story of a waitress who rolled up her sleeves and learned to work every job in the restaurant as needed and got promoted to general manager of the restaurant and now runs a Fortune company. The Power of Passion and Perseverance, was released in May

Duckworth and grit

Duckworth and grit

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  1. Duckworth and her research since long before she became famous, so it's hard to overstate my disappointment with this title.

    Or any of the multitude of shitty things that happen in life that are totally beyond any individual's control.

    Moreover, Duckworth's operationalization of grit has been criticized as a mere renaming of the previously established construct "conscientiousness.

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