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Another was all about serving up deals at dispensaries, showing users the deals they wanted to see after it learned what they liked. At no time may users use Duby to conduct any form of illegal activity, break state law, or otherwise endanger the well-being of others. Duby sees a higher engagement rate than other social networks, with users spending an average of 20 minutes per day, and 25 minutes per day on Android.

Duby app

Additionally, it does not directly provide strain or grow information, dispensary maps, or medical advice. Art District on Santa Fe There's no doubt that cannabis is becoming more popular everyday. Duby App is a community of legal medicinal cannabis and recreational marijuana users who seek to share information based on common interests.

Duby app

Duby app

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  1. Duby App is about connecting people by sharing information about cannabis marijuana, ganja, weed , and is meant for adult medical cannabis users and fans of the plant.

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