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Senior Drill Instructors hold a respected position which is distinguished by the wearing of a black sword belt or Sam Browne Belt, but without the shoulder strap instead of a green duty belt. Western Australia Police[ edit ] The Western Australian Police Force has a Drill Sergeant of the rank of sergeant who trains recruits in drill, discipline and other matters.

Drill instructor hat

Those who become drill instructors are eligible for a variety of military awards , such as the Marine Drill Instructor Ribbon , and the Army's Drill Sergeant Identification Badge. The Senior Protocol Officer carries a black pace stick with silver fittings and wears a black coloured Hellweg Brand Sam Browne belt with strap as a badge of office.

Drill instructor hat

Drill instructor hat

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    Since a drill instructor is often required to spend 20 hours a day or more on his or her feet and to move fast at all times, various running sessions are conducted to enhance speed and endurance.

    After completing a few week cycles, the drill instructor is moved up to the position of Experienced Drill Instructor EDI , also called the "heavy", "drill hat" or "J Hat". Air Force[ edit ] See also:

    Because of the intense workout periods, some RDC students find themselves unprepared; however, they must be ready to keep up with the recruits, some of them who are much younger or more athletic than they are. I will demand of them — and demonstrate by my own example — the highest standards of personal conduct, morality, and professional skill.

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