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Penwortham batted first and were from 45 overs. The rest volunteered from other east Lancashire towns such as Burnley , Blackburn and Chorley. Strictly speaking, the 'Accrington Pals' battalion is properly known as the '11th East Lancashire Regiment ':

Dreams garstang

This allowed the water and steam to escape shutting down the mill machinery. They bowled Thornton out for 85, five wickets being taken by Thomas Wilkinson. They won by one wicket, their last pair seeing them home and hosed.

Dreams garstang

Dreams garstang

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  1. Strictly speaking, the 'Accrington Pals' battalion is properly known as the '11th East Lancashire Regiment ': In the end after three days of riots 1, looms were destroyed, 4 rioters and 2 bystanders shot dead by the authorities in Rossendale and 41 rioters sentenced to death all of whose sentences were commuted.

    Having been asked to bat first, Freck were 92 all out in 34 overs.

    The win at Westhead Road officially completed the job, a fine achievement for the Riverside outfit who joined the Palace Shield in

    In reply, Eccleston were

    Longridge won on their visit to Freckleton, a low scoring affair at Bush Lane.

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