Doubt movie characters

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Can the wind Spirit be trusted? Flynn develops as a sympathetic character, and the viewer is caught between believing in his innocence and being horrified by his alleged crimes. Sister Aloysius tells Sister James that despite her warning, the bishop has appointed him to pastor at a larger church with a parochial school, promoting him to a more prestigious position and perpetuating the problem.

Doubt movie characters

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Doubt movie characters

Doubt movie characters

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  1. The film is dedicated to Sister Margaret McEntee , a Sister of Charity nun who was Shanley's first-grade teacher and who served as a technical adviser for the movie, after whom Shanley modeled the character of Sister James. Sister Aloysius harbors no uncertainty that Flynn is guilty, and Flynn insists that he is innocent.

    Sister Aloysius threatens to visit his previous parishes and contact parents if necessary. Great Philip Seymour Hoffman characters.

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