Don t date him websites

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Founded by women with women in mind, www. Don't Date Him Girl acts like your best friend or older sister, but doesn't actually offer women much more than a place to vent their frustrations and make unverifiable accusations. Founded in , DontDateHimGirl.

Don t date him websites

While the sentiments seem heartfelt, there are probably much closer-to-home ways women can warn other women of a guy's misdoings, or vice versa. Anyone can look at the posts including men.

Don t date him websites

Don t date him websites

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  1. Peeple via Facebook "Dislike" Peeple seems to present a clear opportunity for cyberbullies to detrimentally affect lives, and it's difficult to ignore the damage low character ratings could potentially cause already fragile egos. The entire tone of the site assumes some sort of moral superiority on the part of women, one that seems to play into the idea of women as watchdogs and men as horndogs, and it's these sorts of assumptions that all men are likely to cheat that further the age-old "battle of the sexes" mentality.

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