Dominant personality in relationships

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Usually the submissive partner has equalizers in some passive-aggressive sense, and so a 'real' power imbalance may not be present. Ideally I would like to be in a relationship where there is equality and mutual respect. The domineering partner will rarely feel 'on top', but rather usually feels that he or she is just struggling to see that the 'right thing' happens.

Dominant personality in relationships

This results in a relationship in which the submissive partner's goals and preferences have to 'fit into' the goals and preferences of the dominant partner. To a casual observer, relationships with a power struggle can appear to be working well. It got to the point where I felt I was his opponent verus being his partner.

Dominant personality in relationships

Dominant personality in relationships

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  1. Freedom of action exists for both and is felt by both , but one partner's goals tend to drive joint efforts more than the other.

    Meanwhile, some taught that by not doing these things they are being rude or selfish. Anxiety, stress and depression weld together in attempts for approval from that one person who is supposed to love them.

    This is because it will seem that the conflicts deal with x, and y, but they are really about power.

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