Do men come back

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Well, confidence is a really big one. During this period of reaction your guy is starting to wonder what you are up to.

Do men come back

Some men are more composed than others and some men are just plain stubborn. Its this sense of curiosity alone that, if you decide to reach back out later on down the road, will make him receptive to your outreach and give you the chance to re-attract him or kiss him. And yet, thirty days of silence resulted in this text.

Do men come back

Do men come back

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  1. However, it would be just as foolish to assume that they never do. Regret Once it hits him that you might not care about him anymore he will begin to wonder if losing you is really what he wanted and what was best for him.


    Want to know what makes a man come back?

    During this period of reaction your guy is starting to wonder what you are up to.

    Feeling like this is going to freak him out.

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