Divorcing mentally ill spouse

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While the courts still haven't caught up enough to protect families, today therapists, coaches, survivors and others are creating tools to help people dealing with a "high conflict" breakup develop perspective, deflect the conflict, set healthy boundaries, and also teach kids how to deal with an impaired parent. This might be a question you are asking and might ask for a long time after the divorce.

Divorcing mentally ill spouse

Living and loving a person with mental illness is heartbreaking, stressful, challenging and can make you feel powerless. Well, these ideas are not exclusive but they are crucial if you have a spouse with mental illness and divorce is on the cards.

Divorcing mentally ill spouse

Divorcing mentally ill spouse

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  1. Her ex-husband is also happy and living with his new partner, and they all get along extremely well with no hard feelings at all.

    And hopefully, that decision might be all it takes to help everybody involved deal with the situation better.

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