Divorce over sex

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The share of the household work you each do may or may not be part of what's affecting her sex drive or yours -- would you have the energy for sex every day if you were each doing about the same amount of work? Does she often get a break, a weekly night out to herself that means she comes home refreshed to a clean house and happy, fed children tucked in bed? When you're so wound up that your eyes can't even stay shut?

Divorce over sex

I'm sure I missed some key points that I will later wish I made. Maybe she's resentful because you don't notice and appreciate things she's proud of.

Divorce over sex

Divorce over sex

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  1. In past relationships when I've shut down sexually, it's because it all felt like too much damned work, where I was a means to an end, and I couldn't be bothered.

    I'm breastfeeding an infant and I've been getting up at 4am at night lately to pump breastmilk to stock up for when I go back to work in 2 weeks. Your marriage can probably survive the sex situation.

    I felt guilty for breaking up the family, for breaking my vows, for not being tough enough to keep going.

    I'm sorry I'm too tired for sex right now.

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