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Embalming[ edit ] The process of embalming sometimes includes removing the internal organs. After multiple operations, Taylor later died from transplant-related cancer. She was affluent, so it was clear that poverty had not driven her to this act.


Anderson 's remarks to me, who also told me, on his enquiring inte the method of effecting this preservation of their dead bodies, he had been informed, that, soon after their death, they are disemboweled, by drawing their intestines, and other viscera, out at the anus; and the whole cavity is then filled or stuffed with cloth; introduced through the same part In Taylor's case, the suction dislodged and damaged her liver and pancreas; several meters of her small intestine were forcefully pulled through her anus. Texcoco[ edit ] Nezahualcoyotl , a 15th-century Acolhuan ruler of Texcoco , a member of the Aztec Triple Alliance now Mexico , promulgated a law code that was partially preserved.



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  1. In American Horror Story: According to Plutarch , Cato's son heard the commotion from a nearby room, and called a doctor who stitched the wound close; after his son and the doctor left, Cato tore the stitching open with his hand and died.

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