Different smileys for texting

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He thought using smile and frown text symbols would help message board users distinguish between serious posts and jokes. Nonetheless, you can now add even more emoji options to your text messages and messaging apps.

Different smileys for texting

Various "joke markers" were suggested, and in the midst of that discussion it occurred to me that the character sequence: Put them together to make a smiley face: In a face-to-face communication you would laugh or really smile to convey the "I'm joking around or kidding with you" emotion.

Different smileys for texting

Different smileys for texting

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  1. He thought using smile and frown text symbols would help message board users distinguish between serious posts and jokes. The images stay the same across devices, meaning no more confusion when you send an incorrectly translated emoji to your iPhone friend.

    But before you start downloading new emoji apps to add to your keyboard, you should make sure that your default keyboard on your device includes or supports emojis.

    You can use the emoticons on a variety of chat apps, in addition to MMS and email. History of the Symbol The idea and first use of a text smiley face is credited to Scott Elliott Fahlman, a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon University.

    These instructions work for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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