Differences between women and men

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The Funnel of Sexual Intimacy. Do they ever wonder who the nude is?

Differences between women and men

These results were duplicated in 9 month olds, who had an even poorer understanding of gender. When they're looking for a long-term partner, on the other hand, studies show that women tend to prefer men with more effeminate features , who have less testosterone and are likely to be more loyal partners and caring fathers.

Differences between women and men

Differences between women and men

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  1. If you are very factual, you would be all the way toward the left side of the blue circle.

    This is why men tend to need space after a long, hard day.

    Effectiveness Oxytocin is the chemical that helps us feel social attachment.

    Men have way more of it than women, but women have testosterone too!

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