Difference between hindu and muslim

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Hajj is making a pilgrimage to Mecca, to pay a visit to the Ka'ba, the holy shrine, at least once in a life time. The Din-Ilahi of Akbar.

Difference between hindu and muslim

Centuries of Muslim rule and frequent abduction of Hindu women by Muslim soldiers and Mongolian invaders led to the practice of purdah by Hindu women in certain parts of northern India like Gujarat and Rajasthan. They have some core ideals and flashes of a grand vision which they share. Hindus make pilgrimages to various temples and sacred places that are associated with the lives, legends and miracles of various gods, goddesses and saintly people.

Difference between hindu and muslim

Difference between hindu and muslim

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  1. The cooperation and true conciliation between the two nations may perhaps have to wait for longer due to the turn of events in the last few decades, but inevitable.

    God is all these and also beyond them.


    But in a theological sense He is not His creation. But some of them were excessively so.

    Jhatka is the method of meat production demanded by most Hindus who eat meat, as this provides a quick and painless death to the animal.

    The Indo-Sarcenic architecture is a prime example of the willingness on the part of Muslim rulers to come to terms with Indian culture and its religious value and on the part of the Hindus to participate in the creative expression of sublime catholicity, setting aside their personal beliefs and religious ethos.

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