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For a woman the dress code is a way of protecting her modesty and privacy-the face and hand being the only uncovered part of her body. The religion believes that all days are the same and are as holy and pious as any other day. The highest ideals of classical or traditional Jainism are represented by the ascetics-the members of the faith who devote their whole lives to living the Jain code of ethics in its strictest forms.

Desi girls sex before marriage

The religion originated in undivided Punjab, in North India, founded by a visionary thought leader, Guru Nanak Dev in the fifteenth century. Islam defines a dress code for both men and women. A theory of marriage timing.

Desi girls sex before marriage

Desi girls sex before marriage

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  1. Some Jain writers suggest that even married people should not over-indulge in sexual activities, and have argued that the principle of chaste living will help in population control.

    Eur J Soc Sci.

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