Describe your personal style eharmony

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Kind of funny now, in retrospect. When I have days off, I am usually on movie sets or auditioning for movies.

Describe your personal style eharmony

My parents are blessedly alive and well, as are several of their siblings. I love learning and experiencing new things.

Describe your personal style eharmony

Describe your personal style eharmony

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Well, that's all about Bill. How are you this month?.

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  1. When do you feel most afraid?: I am proud of my values and my belief system and that I can make a difference in people's lives.


    Every year since the site has received various awards from DatingSiteReviews. It has taken the ups and downs in my life to bring me to this point.


    A warm smile and a hand to hold or an arm around my shoulder are "physically attractive," once a general relationship has begun. Clogs are my favorite shoes.


    The worst date I was ever on was when I was taken to dinner and then to a club and my date left with another man and asked me to take a cab home.

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