Denios flea market sacramento ca

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Denios flea market sacramento ca

This is not to say that the produce in the market was not gorgeous, in-fact it was, and very reasonably priced. The purpose of the auctioneer is to keep moving prices up among bidders while preserving a good deal for the buyer.

Denios flea market sacramento ca

Denios flea market sacramento ca

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  1. The selection of dollar priced costume jewelry, dirt cheap socks, dolls, knives, incense, and clothes-everything up for negotiation- really gives kids a sense of power and also boldness, asking for something different at every turn.

    Catherine is a transplant from the Bay Area and now lives in Elk Grove.


    A bit of a jock she loves swimming, running, tennis, baseball and more.

    Whether seeking antique furniture, new toys and clothes or county fair food, these two Sacramento shopping havens have a special place in the hearts of local value seekers.

    But for those seeking higher value items at discount prices or who just love to haggle, flea markets and swap meets continue to reign supreme. It is important to note that most vendors only accept cash but both locations have ATMs available.

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