Definition of domineering woman

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Never leave your financial responsibilities to her, this is very important. Manipulation and Conning Behavior A domineering woman can be quite the manipulator in using her partner and others as a means to her personal gain. She will often be the most passionate or outspoken speaker in a one-on-one confrontation, or in a group session.

Definition of domineering woman

Instant Attachment A dominating female will take control of a relationship from the onset, frequently dictating the rules of visitation, courtship and even times of sexual relations. Either partner can cause turmoil and upset the peace. If she feels that the man lags in his emotional commitment, she will up the stakes and proclaim feelings of love and encourage a deeper, faster commitment.

Definition of domineering woman

Definition of domineering woman

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  1. She keeps tab on his every actions including how he relates with his parents and siblings.

    She will have much less time in cultivating a relationship or letting it gradually blossom.

    She makes her own decisions, and that of the family. She creates hell for the man in her life.

    These types of women are insecure, sick, crazy and downright narcissistic.

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