Dealing with cheating girlfriend

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Steven said something incredible when he commented: Is your part fixable?

Dealing with cheating girlfriend

Ideate on positive contributions to improve your relationship. You must ask her to put an end to two-timing once and for all or threaten that you will walk away for good. This is also observable when she answers certain phone calls in your presence and reacts awkwardly or just tends to ignore them altogether.

Dealing with cheating girlfriend

Dealing with cheating girlfriend

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  1. I dropped my pride and cried out for help. If you are lucky, then both can work extra hard at salvaging your relationship, but this situation is really difficult and rare.

    Do not let this ruin your self-esteem and confidence and instead give yourself time to forget the relationship and move on in life. Internet and Phone Habits:


    First seek comfort elsewhere - it is not very manly, but it does you a world of good if you seek the company and comfort of any other female friends. However, if you see a sudden change in the appearance and style of dressing or if she is suddenly splurging on clothes and cosmetics, then it might be something to worry about.

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