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In the crude informal American metric, the 9s and 10s pair off with other 9s and 10s. As Jim Morrison of 'The Doors' once noted, "women seem wicked when you're unwanted. The pleasures of sexual temptation come in the here and now.

Dave buss

Every human that conceives can be deceived. Consequently, those most valuable are perpetually in short supply compared to the many who desire them.

Dave buss

Dave buss

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    Mate poachers lure the higher value partner, driving wide initially small wedges:

    Physical and psychological abuse predictably harm the victim's self-esteem, narrowing the perceived discrepancy between a woman's and her partner's mate value, and sometimes causing her to stay with her abuser. Both those courseware modules, individually, have been delivered to the Navy.


    Jennifer Aniston's hold on Brad Pitt proved tenuous.


    Sometimes they deceive themselves. An omnipresent challenge within romantic relationships derives from mate value discrepancies—when an 8 mistakenly pairs up with a 6, when one member of an initially matched couple plummets in mate value, or even when one ascends more rapidly professionally than the other.


    Intimate partner battering, abhorrent as it is, has a disturbing functional logic.

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