Dating your friend expectation reality

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How easy going your relationship is will depend on how much effort you put into making it so. Unless you have an understanding from the very beginning this may be quite an unrealistic expectation.

Dating your friend expectation reality

He will share equal responsibility and time in raising our children and maintaining our household: The way each of us approaches life situations and challenges is different, and to accept these differences and allow room for understanding the other is key to lasting happiness.

Dating your friend expectation reality

Dating your friend expectation reality

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  1. He must respect me as much as I respect him: He should change for me if he loves me:

    To expect this, means that each must always live up to the expectation of the other. You are exhausted and ready to give up.

    Say what you need to say, share your thoughts, let him know what you would like and what concerns you. Your job or his may require that one of you spend more time raising your children and overlooking and handling your household chores and responsibilities.

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