Dating with eating disorder

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Causes[ edit ] There are many possible causes for this disorder. Symptoms include a clouding of consciousness, somatic conversion symptoms, confusion, stress, loss of personal identity, echolalia , and echopraxia. You will also be the premiere outlet to practice newly learned social skills.

Dating with eating disorder

Prognosis[ edit ] Some individuals experience only a few outbreaks of the disorder. Individuals also give approximate answers to simple questions such as, "How many legs on a cat?

Dating with eating disorder

Dating with eating disorder

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  1. Depersonalization does not only occur while the individual is experiencing another mental disorder, and is not associated with substance use or a medical illness.

    The disorder is extraordinarily rare with fewer than recorded cases. However, in most cases, factitious disorder is a chronic long-term condition that is difficult to treat.

    Some people with depersonalization disorder also have visual alterations such as rapid fluctuations in light. Relationships per se are difficult.

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