Dating someone who is too nice

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They don't always, but they tend to. That was the problem.

Dating someone who is too nice

I once bought an entirely new wardrobe because my boyfriend said he liked girls who dressed super feminine, and I wore all black. Here is a comment from ironmouth followed by a comment from me on exactly that topic. The idea of planning, especially planning dates, gives me tremendous anxiety that often takes the form of literal panic attacks.

Dating someone who is too nice

Dating someone who is too nice

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  1. It took a string of failed relationships and a slew of men taking advantage of my kindness to realize that the problem was with me.

    The problem is, if you sort primarily for those traits then, yes, you run the risk of dating assholes. If I'm just not drawn to someone, all of a sudden, my standards of etiquette firm right up.

    It is a good way to avoid actual intimacy.

    One of my longest relationships started with a first date where he literally asked if I wanted to go back to his place and see his records. That is also totally fine!

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